Affirmations of Awareness for Horsepeople

Everything in my life works just as it should. If it isn’t working the way I wish it to, I need to make a change.

And if it doesn't, I can make changes to correct it.

And if it doesn't, I can make changes to correct it.

this is a lesson for me.
right now. in so many ways.

I have not had my hands on a horse in over two months. I try not to wring my hands and grieve, but rather to accept fully that this is an aspect of a plan put in place long ago, and will pass.

So often we are told, “careful what you wish for,” yet we can avoid the momentary upheaval of getting just what we want only to find it has drawbacks by taking a long, hard, disinterested look at both what we asked for, and what we got.

It’s usually easier than you think to accept what you got with pleasure.

If you find yourself bouncing around up there on that great big trot, and that’s a problem, think, “It is as it should be. I worked hard to get my horse in self-carriage and extending himself.” If there’s a problem, it’s my reaction to it.

If acceptance of the gift you have bought yourself does not seem to come, make a change. Hold yourself responsible for seeing to it that things turn out the way you need them to.

But be careful, everything has unintended consequences. You may just end up plopping along on that short and stiff trot until you realize anew what you were after, and that it was there all along.

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