Frivolity Friday Status Report: Bobbie, Cat Bowls and Pink Styrofoam Peanuts

I got the third shipment of my things today from Virginia. It has been, in fact, easier to live without them than to unpack and find places for them in this tiny condo.

Now my place is covered in clingy styrofoam peanuts. YAY!

As if on cue, the moment I pulled the thirty-five pounds of bubble wrap off the cat bowls, Bobbie the neighbor cat came running. He’s a Keauhou Cat (you’ll read more about them later, and a related project I have in mind): scrappy, bob-tailed (hence the name), ears shredded by fighting for food and shelter and love, and the sweetest little thing you have ever seen. I’ll try to snap a picture of him tomorrow. He has been sleeping on my desk chair for years, apparently, though he lives two doors down with the nice people he adopted.

The cat bowls, Bobbie’s appearance, the mess (I like things just so) finally got to me, and I sat and cried like a baby. Didn’t make me feel better, but I guess it was inevitable. I miss my animals. As all of you know in your hearts, pets are more than furry four-legged creatures to some people.

I am grieving my loss. I feel guilty. It is going to be hard to get over this.

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