The Horse in Human History: The Spanish Reconquista


Pita Kelekna has uploaded another segment of her book, The Horse In Human History to This Side of the Pond. Entitled, The Spanish Reconquista, the chapter she encapsulates in this post covers the failed attempt by Muslims to invade Iberia in the eighth century. Central to the success of the Christian rebuff of that invasion was the equestrian prowess of the Christian knight. Nowhere were horse-riding skills more proudly displayed than in the chivalric bullfight, whose early history Kelekna discusses.

Torrey bullfight

Conflicts between Moors and Christian Spaniards saw the rise of a unique kind of knightly equestrianism, displayed in the pageant of the bullfight. Their horses were the finest in Europe – part Arabian, part North African Barb, part Iberian stock, all of which combined courage and intelligence with dramatic beauty.

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