Affirmations of Awareness for Horsepeople: Chaos Theory

Out of clutter find simplicity;
From discord find harmony;
In the middle of difficulty
lies opportunity.

–Albert Einstein


No matter how much is happening at a given moment, or how many things are going wrong, I can choose to concentrate fully and with an open heart on a single unifying opportunity.

A conversation with gin at High Mountain Musing produced the above quote, from one of her quote-a-day calendars. Calendars are rife with chaos. At least mine are. I have several, and all have conflicting appointments, to do lists, phone calls, and much more that, mostly, I don’t get done on time. But that’s not what this affirmation is about.

There are days when you take your horse into the round pen, or mount for a riding session, and it seems that everything is thrown at you at once. You HAD a plan (or maybe you didn’t, *tsk, tsk*), but the universe has another one that naturally supersedes yours. And it’s chock-a-block full of stuff you don’t want to deal with.

Normally I do the thinking and writing on the affirmations. But you guys did such a great job on my last post that I’d like to invite you to offer examples of this affirmation and how it has played out in your lives.

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