Affirmations of Awareness for Horsepeople: What's In the Mirror?

I’ve written before about mirror neurons and how they may help horses reveal to humans what’s going on inside us, good or bad.

According to Wyatt Webb, the horse “will serve as a mirror to your energy system-what you think, what you feel, and every move your body does or doesn’t make.”

After even starting to think, “It’s the horse’s fault,” the mindful rider knows intuitively he’s made a mistake. It’s almost never the horse’s fault. But it’s not a simple matter of blame-shifting. Often we fail to take responsibility for for things in our lives that have nothing to do with what happens in the ring.

horse in the mirror

Horses can reflect areas in our lives where we have patterns of conflict with ourselves or others.

The next time I think it’s the horse’s fault, I’m going to think instead about opportunities for change in the way I relate to everyone, two legged or four.

© 2009 enlightened horsemanship through touch and Kim Cox Carneal

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