Anky Van Grunsven Accidentally Shows Her Slip

When I was a child, rude behavior, snarky comments, and general expression of my mischievous streak were greeted with this sotto voce comment from my mother: “Kim, your slip is showing.” A reference to what at the time (and especially in the South!) was an unacceptable deviation from decency. Your undergarments (and your true self) were not to be aired in public.

It appears that Anky Van Grunsven, arguably the creator of Rollkur, has flipped up her dress and waggled her slip for the world to see in threatening emails to Astrid Appels of

image courtesy the Daily Telegraph

See the press release from Astrid below.

Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2010 00:03:58 +0200
Subject: Press Release
To: Astrid Appels

Press Release


Team trainer Dutch Dressage Team Threathens Journalist!

Goal of Lawsuit: Anky van Grunsven demands removal of photo and claims damages

The renowned dressage rider Anky van Grunsven feels defamated by equestrian journalist Astrid Appels of According to Anky images of her horses can not be connected to the controversial rollkur training method. This is a system developed by Anky and her trainer and life partner Sjef Janssen in which the horse is bending its neck in an extreme way.

Following years of research and a conclusion by the International Equestrian Federation (FEI), the Dutch Equestrian Federation (KNHS) has decided in February that, “as of today hyperflexion/rollkur is seen as an aggressive way of a deep moving horse. This is forbidden as well as any head-neck position which is obtained in an aggressive way.
The LDR-method, on the other hand, obtains a deep bending of the neck without force and this is allowed.”

Much has been written about this controversial system in combination with animal welfare. And so has journalist Astrid Appels who has paid attention to this topic on her website Through highly aggressive and intimidating emails Anky van Grunsven and Sjef
Janssen have tried to prevent this, but Appels appeals to the freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

In his correspondence Sjef Janssen has sweared at Appels like a sailor. A few quotes:
“You are a tiny miserable figure”
“You’ll be next”
“You’re totally deranged”
“You’re just pathetic”
“You continue to be a super bitch”
“you belong in line with the German journalist mafia”

Appels is shocked by these intimidating and slanderous remarks by the official team trainer of The Netherlands and considers taking necessary legal steps against this.

This court case will start in Hertogenbosch on 8 September 2010.

Appels is represented by Mr. J.A. Weda

Wow. This shows just what the big name riders have to lose if stripped of their methods. Recrimination and anger of this magnitude do nothing to further the sport. Enough is enough. Bad faith, abuse, misrepresentation, and outright threats reveal participants to be manipulative and unpleasant behind closed doors. Vicious emails have a way of becoming public. See?

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