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Never Work With Children or Animals

That’s the old Hollywood saw. Here’s another one: Never underestimate the power of young people or horses.

CEO Danielle Herb, 15, was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder as a younger child. This could have been a devastating diagnosis with negative implications for Danielle’s future. But no! Horses to the rescue, yet again.


When Danielle’s family moved to Florida a few years ago, she began riding, only to find that it helped her ADD symptoms even more than the commonly prescribed prescription drugs. “Everything was just really amazing. I figured, if it helped me, it had to help someone else,” Herb said.

At the age of 13, Herb began a business teaching other kids with ADD, ADHD and autism the basics of natural horsemanship. She uses horses and equine assisted training techniques to help ADD/ADHD and autistic children to overcome the symptoms of their illnesses naturally without the use of prescription medication. She employs a Youth-to-Youth Mentorship framework for her program, virtually guaranteeing participation by the target population. In addition to being a smart kid with a heart, she’s turning into quite the little businesswoman.


“We started and we had amazing results and we just want to help more. That’s why I am hoping to go national with my program this year,” Herb explained. “I am.. living proof of the power of these techniques, and I want your child to have the same oppurtunity that I did!” To this end, Herb is planning to publish a book, Drop Your Reins: Learn to Trust, all about how to engender peaceful transformations for ADD/ADHD and autistic children using the natural mirroring behavior of horses.


What do you think of that?

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