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Horse Kid Scholarship 2009 for Danielle Herb's ADHD Horse Level 1 Master Class 21st – 28th June 200

I’ve written before about Danielle Herb, the teen who teaches Natural Horsemanship as an aid to other kids suffering with ADD/ADHD, in the hopes of focusing their attention and getting them off their meds.

I make no claim as to either the efficacy of her methods. I don’t know enough about her NH style to say one way or the other that I support them on behalf of the horses used in her program. What I can say is this: Provided the horses are well-kept, and treated gently and kids are watched carefully as they deal with them, who can have a problem with horses having a noble job helping children? Not me! This kid is a serious role model for us all.
The following is taken from a digital flyer sent to me by a good friend:

Start Your Summer In Florida With Danielle Herb, the ADHD/ADD Natural Horsemanship Coach

WHAT: The ADHD Horse Level 1 Master Class is an exciting new weeklong program developed by Danielle Herb and Drop Your Reins to help you manage your ADD/ADHD using natural techniques and without the need for prescription drugs.

WHO: Children Diagnosed with ADHD/ADD Aged 10-16

WHEN: June 21-28, 2009

WHERE: North Florida (Location to be announced)

The Master Class will allow you to teach other young people the skills you learn, while at the same time teaching you how to manage your own ADD/ADHD by learning the language of the horse and mirroring.

By taking part in this Master Class you will discover:
• How to manage energy in Positive and Peaceful ways by allowing the horse to mirror you.
• How to improve your grades by developing a natural ability to focus.
• How to easily plan and manage your diet for natural, positive affects.

Winners of The ADHD/ADD Horse Kid Scholarship will receive:
• ADHD Horse Level 1 Coach Certification, allowing you to help other young people (worth $2499)
• Lodging and Meals for the duration of the Master Class
• A exclusive swag bag filled with books, music, DVD’s and services that will help you
• You will gain life skills which will help you to control your ADHD/ADD

For testimonials from real kids and more video, visit ADHDKidScholarship.com.

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Never Work With Children or Animals

That’s the old Hollywood saw. Here’s another one: Never underestimate the power of young people or horses.

CEO Danielle Herb, 15, was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder as a younger child. This could have been a devastating diagnosis with negative implications for Danielle’s future. But no! Horses to the rescue, yet again.


When Danielle’s family moved to Florida a few years ago, she began riding, only to find that it helped her ADD symptoms even more than the commonly prescribed prescription drugs. “Everything was just really amazing. I figured, if it helped me, it had to help someone else,” Herb said.

At the age of 13, Herb began a business teaching other kids with ADD, ADHD and autism the basics of natural horsemanship. She uses horses and equine assisted training techniques to help ADD/ADHD and autistic children to overcome the symptoms of their illnesses naturally without the use of prescription medication. She employs a Youth-to-Youth Mentorship framework for her program, virtually guaranteeing participation by the target population. In addition to being a smart kid with a heart, she’s turning into quite the little businesswoman.


“We started and we had amazing results and we just want to help more. That’s why I am hoping to go national with my program this year,” Herb explained. “I am.. living proof of the power of these techniques, and I want your child to have the same oppurtunity that I did!” To this end, Herb is planning to publish a book, Drop Your Reins: Learn to Trust, all about how to engender peaceful transformations for ADD/ADHD and autistic children using the natural mirroring behavior of horses.


What do you think of that?

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