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pop! splurt! scream.

pop! splurt! scream.

Those are the sounds of my herniated disk rupturing, spilling the nucleus pulposus into the spinal canal, and shredding my sciatic nerve. I have lost much of the use of my left leg. The pain I can only describe as approaching that of late staqge labor. And I’ve done it here in Sonoma California.


No work with Linda. The best I could do is lie on her bed yesterday and cry softly while she asked me questions and I answered, engendering more questions and solving few of the issues we needed to get cleared up.

No Tellington TTouch and TTEAM training.

No more fascinating learning from Manolo Mendez.

No fun with my best bud Caroline.

Obscene amounts of vicoden, prednisone, and valium allow me to lie flat in bed without screaming. My options are to have surgery here and impose horribly on my friend’s good will and patience, or to find a doc who will inject my spine and prescribe enough narcotics to get me home on a plane without causing an unpleasant airline incident. Neither is ideal.

On the bright side (this time I am really reaching for the bright side, as the vicoden is wearing off), I have decided to move to Hawaii and also get a small condo here in Sonoma. More about this later. I hold this decision in my fevered, narcotic-induced dreams as a way to get through this ridiculous situation.

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