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Aching Bones, Expanding Mind

Aching Bones, Expanding Mind

TTouch® Practitioner-In-Training, TTouch thyself! This was the message from Linda Tellington-Jones as I moaned in a undignified way into her ear through the telephone.

To be honest, I was so disoriented after my accident that it did not even occur to me that I might help myself in any way at all until my friends and family insisted that I go to the doctor, which I waited three days to do. Apparently horse people can be quite stubborn about brushing off the effects of falls.

My doctor told me a joke of sorts. Doc: “How do you know when a horseback rider has really been hurt in a fall?” Kim: “I don’t know, doctor. Can I have that shot now?” Doc: “When the horseback rider doesn’t have a pulse.” Kim: “Why, what do you mean, doctor?” Doc: “If a horseback rider has a pulse, he doesn’t consider himself to be hurt.” That’s why we never see ’em in here. They only get the ‘hurt’ ones at the county morgue. OK, bend over, this might sting a little.” I guess there’s a lesson in this for me. It wasn’t a matter of playing tough, but of staying present with my body. Read more…

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