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Articulating the Feeling

Barbara Isaacs and Calvin Pony

Anyone reading this will have definite, positive feelings about living in the company of horses. Entire books have been written about man’s relationship with horses, and the impact they have had on our evolution and history. I’ve written about the physiological aspects of the horse / human relationship that mediate the feelings we experience.

I’m interested in how horses make you feel, personally.

My friend Caroline, who does equine body work has graciously gotten the ball rolling:

The best I can explain is when you are in your loved one’s arms and all is quiet. You are each aware of the other yet the consciousness of where one begins and one ends is blurry like sky meeting sea, the horizon line faded to nothing. Separate but one and bathing in absolute trust and stillness, almost drowsy from every cell in your bodies singing softly and greeting one another like long lost family.

Lucky are those who know these moments. They make anything less, less.

What do you feel when you are with horses?

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