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Horseman’s Manifesto–A Workshop

Horseman’s Manifesto–A Workshop

Elise over at Kraften fra Hestene has the most wonderful posts. Sometimes she brings a tear to my eye. In Manifesto to My Horse, she writes of having spent 11 years with Taktur. That’s a lot of life for a young woman and a horse to share. Looking at the images and videos of the two of them together, often with no tack on him, it’s obvious those years were spent with a lot of love and compassionate training.

Elise’s idea of a manifesto speaks to my sudden mania for resolutions/intentions. Making conscious statements about our intentions toward others enables us to clarify them, and in communicating them, we deepen our bond.

I was struck in the heart by one of Elise’s statements:

I wish to see you evolve so that you can continue to give the world your gifts.

Every mindful, conscious parent should develop a manifesto for their children, as every horseman intent upon living deliberately with his horse should consider the same. In times of trouble, it is often helpful to refer back to such a statement to learn whether or not our behavior or intentions align with our initial desires.

I would like to propose a manifesto writing workshop. In this workshop, I’d like all of you who read this post (yes, ALL of you lurkers too!) to share your thoughts and feelings about what would go into your manifesto, (a public declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives).

As I continue to develop the concept of an Equine Bill of Rights, thoughts and words shared here will aid the process. For ideas, skim over your own blog posts. If you don’t blog, read someone else’s. Take a look at The Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare. Then, dig deep. If you were to offer to your horse five or ten things–the best your have to offer–what would they be?

I am really looking forward to a discussion about the ultimate horsemans’ manifesto. I would be so grateful for your participation.

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Kraften fra hestene (The Power of Horses)

A beautiful video taken by Kraften fra hestene (The Power of Horses) as she and her Icelandic walk through the forest in the evening and into the night, lit only by the full moon. No bridle, no saddle, just a woman and her horse.
There isn’t a lot of action, and you might be wondering why I would post such a “boring” video.
Three reasons:

1. “Boring” is in the eye of the beholder–there is a lot to be learned here if you wish;
2. You can experience the beauty of this ride through the eyes of the rider ;
3. I was struck by how many opportunities there were for fear to crop up. For the rider to tense her body, transmitting this to the horse, and for the experience to be ruined. I’ve seen it so many times, and experienced it for myself. Sudden complete darkness, negotiating a patch of ice, etc. It didn’t happen. Setting aside all the romantic descriptions of “the wonder of a woman and her horse,” there is real beauty in the lesson here. That letting go of fear and the potential for fear can make for a great ride. It’s worth watching.

I am really looking forward to reading all the posts on Elise’s blog, because she is very knowledgeable and combines a lot of the things I’m really interested in. Another video she has posted shows Elise and Taktur in a meditation session in preparation for bridleless riding. Boring, right? Not at all. As Elise says,

Total experience of presence with a horse is a wonderful practice.
It can be the real key to the deep connection we are longing for.

Many of us have spent long lazy hours sitting in the grass with our horses. But the quality of attention and focus represented here is different. Watch Taktur carefully. You will see it (I really enjoy his tail in this video).

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