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An Invitation to the Tellington TTouch CELLebration in Santa Fe, New Mexico



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CELLebration in Santa Fe Promises Fun, Education, Inspiration!

I’m delighted that we have created this year’s CELLebration so that it’s beneficial for everyone, even those who perhaps have never attended a TTouch Training! This CELLebration will be abundant with information, demonstrations, and inspiration that will take us all to another level of knowledge, encouragement and exhilaration. Don’t hesitate to come if you haven’t been to a training — this will help inspire you! I hope all of you will join us at the CELLebration — in person or in spirit!

The gathering, November 5-8, 2009, has been relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to the La Fonda Hotel. Just step outside the hotel’s front door and you’re on the Plaza right in the heart of Santa Fe.

Our conference is held in association with Wisdom University’s Institute for Interspecies Connections for which I am the Chair; this CELLebration is part of their curriculum – you can sign up for credit or audit at Wisdom University’s Registration page. Anyone interested in pursuing a Masters or PhD degree from Wisdom University should visit the Wisdom University website for details.

La FondaWhat’s On the Agenda?

• The ways TTouch has evolved and the new TTouch techniques that have developed since our last CELLebration gathering

• In council, sharing the gifts of life lessons we have learned from our animals

• The latest research on the effects of hormones on undesirable behavior in dogs by Dr. Daniela Zurr with suggestions for future TTouch research

• Learning to evaluate a horse’s personality. Learn to see with new eyes even if you’re not a horse expert. You can bring your own digital photos for me to read.

• TTouch for You: Self-help for you and your family, including the new Empowerment Feedback Scale that reflects the ideal pressure and tempo of each TTouch

• Use of the TTouch Feedback Scale for working with cats and dogs to deepen our observation skills (you’ll have a chance to practice working and observing in groups)

• Profound Interspecies connections around the world

• TTouch for small animals

• Dog issues: Aggression, fear of loud noises, and separation anxiety, including role-playing experiences

Animal-Assisted Intervention Education: Tanya Welsch, education director of MNLinc (Minnesota Individuals Linking Nature and Critters) will offer a series of seminar/workshops and counsel sharings on MNLinc’s work with AAI Animal-Assisted Intervention Education. Tanya wrote: “Many of the youth with whom I work range from school groups who have emotional or behavioral issues to individuals who relate to the world with tremendous anxiety and isolation.  However, there is a level of curiosity and motivation when they have the opportunity to work with horses, dogs, sheep, cats and chickens and when they can practice a healthy, reciprocal relationship with these animals through the Tellington-Touch. TTouch continues to be a portal through which I can reach those youth who distrust adults, have difficulty communicating with others, and who cannot articulate why they feel or behave the way they do.  These youth see themselves as different and that they could never possibly accomplish the same tasks as their peers — and TTouch changes all these paradigms, beliefs and assumptions.  Students learn the basic circles, lifts and slides and are engaged at a level in their brains because they see the immediate effects of their efforts and care on the animals with whom they work.”

La FondaThis will be of interest to many of our practitioners because, unlike Equine Assisted Therapy, you don’t have to be a licensed therapist in order to teach Animal-Assisted Intervention. Tina Hutton and Jaynellen Kovacevich, with years of experience with TTouch for youth, will be present to share their work with youth; Jaynellen with 30 years experience teaching TTouch in the California school system and Charter Schools, as well as creating and leading a bi-weekly youth program with TTouch in the Oakland Zoo petting pasture, and Tina presenting her new program of Lessons for Life for Equestrian Youth.

• Using the Heart Math EmWave to calm yourself and the owner of the cat or dog being TTouched

• Robin Bernhard and Sandy Rakowitz will be reporting on the Heart Hugs Study results and the Pilot Study of TTouch Self-Help for Brain Injuries

• Details of the TTouch for You Certification Program and CEU’s

• The Dolphin Journey — A Guided Meditation to Find A Supportive Message From An Animal You Have Known

• Modern technology to help you as a rider — the EmWave and Equi/Tempo

• PR Tips for Building a Companion Animal Practice

• Curriculum of TTouch for You and Your Dog, and TTouch for You and Your Cat

• A council discussion of the gifts and ways to volunteer in animal shelters, spearheaded by TTouch Practitioner Marnie Reeder, who has been working with TTouch in animal shelter and Greyhound rescue work for 20 years. We have many practitioners now who are working in shelters and many who have asked how to get started. Sharing these successes can help many more animals in the future.

• The mystery and magic of TTouch. A slide presentation of unusual animals I’ve had the privilege to work on and a discussion of “what is really going on with the remarkable trust that can happen with just a few minutes of TTouch”. How a bear, coyote, a python and others — impacted me personally and how it can affect all of us when we recognize the miraculous communication “Beyond Words.” What does this special communication mean for all of us? What more do we need to be aware of to increase the connection and deepen our understanding and influence with TTouch for all species?

• How does “intention” fit into TTouch? We will consider the role of “intention” while applying TTouch, both physically and from a distance, based on an understanding of quantum physics and studies of distance healing. Prepare yourself by reading Lynne McTaggart’s “Intention Experiment.” I’ll be sharing the results of the March 2009 EEG Mind Mirror study of my brain waves by Anna Wise while I was TTouching Sandy Rakowitz, as well as when I was visualizing TTouching the shoulder of the giraffe, Tiki, at the Oakland Zoo.

• How an understanding of quantum thinking, of changing ourselves with mindfulness, appreciation and choosing to “see the cup as half full,” affects our personal lives and how it can make a difference to the world.

The Schedule

(Be sure to arrive Wednesday so you don’t miss the morning sess
ion on Thursday!)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

9:00 am to 5:20 pm workshops & seminars

12:00 to 1:20 pm: Buffet Lunch with some tables designated with specified themes for discussion

6:20 pm to 8:00 pm Gathering & Auction for Animal Ambassador Fund-Raiser for CLAW (our group of South African orphans. Contact Kirsten if you would like to donate items for the auction. They are tax deductible. )

Friday, November 6, 2009

9:00 am to 5:20 pm workshops & seminars

12:00 to 1:20 pm: Buffet Lunch: with some tables with specified themes for discussion

6:30 pm to 10 pm: Banquet and Special Presentations

Saturday, November 7, 2009

9:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm workshops & seminars

12:00 to 1:20 pm: Buffet Lunch with some tables designated with specified themes for discussion

6:30 pm Optional dinner with Linda and the CELLebration team and Presenters at a fun, reasonably priced restaurant in Santa Fe.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

9:00 am to 5:00 pm workshops & seminars

12:00 noon to 1:20 pm Buffet Lunch with some tables designated with specified themes for discussion

Dinner: An invitation for anyone staying over to get together for dinner with Linda. Inform Kirsten if you want to join us. Restaurant to be decided.

Note: Wednesday, November 4 from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm in the hospitality suite: Wisdom University students will meet with Linda Tellington-Jones.

What About the Advanced Training? The CELLebration Counts!

We chose to not offer the pre-conference Advanced Training as we did the last time, to make the experience affordable to more by shortening it, and because not all our instructors can be with us this year. Robyn will be teaching in Australia and Debby will be teaching in Japan. However, with the help of the new world of technology, we are hoping to bring them into our conference via webinar.

Here’s even more good news — this CELLebration will count as an advanced training because of our inspiring and informative program with wonderful offerings and education from a marvelous lineup of presenters.

Who’s Attending?

This year, in addition to our practitioners, we’re inviting all of you who have found TTouch to be beneficial for you and/or your animals. We welcome all whose lives have been influenced and embraced by TTouch.

We have four days of fascinating and informative seminars and workshops scheduled that address the magic and science of TTouch. Subjects are focused on the full range of companion animals, horses and people.

Even if You Can’t Join Us . . .

Our intent is to honor the gifts our animals bring to our lives. We’re asking for stories of life lessons learned from your animals (approximately 200 words) that we will share in council circle and online. This way all of you around the world who cannot be with us in the physical, can join us in spirit with a story and a photo of your dog, cat, horse, or any other special animal. We plan to bring the spirit of our animals into the conference by presenting your photos on a large screen along with a “spirit altar” displaying photos of your animals so they are with us in spirit. You may send a digital image if you prefer to kirsten@ttouch.com and we will project them on a large screen as we did at the CELLebration in 2006, and also print them out for presentation on the altar.

La FondaWhere is the venue?

We sent out a survey asking what people wanted from our gathering. Inspiration, information and a peaceful, healing place to come were the top hits. This four-day TTouch CELLebration experience fits the bill at all levels.

La Fonda is gracious, charming and truly reflects the history and multi-culture of Santa Fe. We have worked some magic and instead of the usual $200+ rate for a room, we are able to stay at this magnificent spot for only $99 a night for two with a $15.00 charge if you want a hide-a-bed! Reservations will be made individually and must be received by the cut-off date of Monday, October 5, 2009. Please ensure that those requiring guest accommodations identify themselves as part of our organization: TTouch CELLebration or Linda Tellington-Jones.

Hotel reservations must be made directly with the La Fonda Hotel. Call the reservations department: US 1-800-523-5002, extension 1; Int’l 1-505-954-3500 or 1-505-982-5511. Reservation hours are (Mountain Time): Monday – Friday 7am-8pm; Saturday 8am-5pm; Sunday 9am-5pm. For faxed reservations, the number is: (505) 954-3599. To make reservations online: visit La Fonda Hotel’s reservation page. Be sure to mention the TTouch CELLebration or Linda Tellington-Jones to get the special rate.

For a roommate or car-share or with any other questions, you can email Kirsten Henry at kirsten@ttouch.com or call her at 800-854-8326. Be sure to check out this exciting southwestern hotel – visit La Fonda online.

Sign-up online now or download a registration form!

How Do I Get There?

The Sandia Shuttle runs from the Albuquerque Airport to Santa Fe and will drop you right at the La Fonda Hotel. Round trip fare, as of this writing, is $45 – but you don’t have to rent a car, and it takes you right to the hotel!

While in Santa Fe . . .

To fully appreciate the cultural and geographical beauties of Santa Fe, you may want to arrive a day early and leave a day or two later. Visit the Bandelier National Park, Puye Cliff Dwellings and Tent Rocks websites to get a sense of the phenomenal beauty awaiting you. You may want to consider car-sharing to experience the spectacular countryside less than an hour’s drive from the hotel. And of course, visiting Santa Fe is such a treasure — just experiencing this unique culture is not to be missed.

La FondaMake Your Reservation Now!

This is just the start. There is much more to come and we’ll keep you informed. But be sure to call the La Fonda as soon as possible to get the special room rates. View pricing and sign up for the CELLebration on the TTouch website.   Put your name on a list if you would like roommates or car shares for a pre- or post-conference exploration of the Santa Fe area.

Sign-up online now or download a registration form!

If you have questions you can email Kirsten Henry at

kirsten@ttouch.com or call her at 800-854-8326.

Hope to see you in Santa Fe!

I’m truly honored to be among all of you for this very special event — a time for sharing education, wisdom, heart, and spirit. What a blessing to have animals bring us together. With your help, we are, indeed, changing the world One TTouch At a Time.

Aloha and Blessings,

Linda Tellington-Jones



© 2009 enlightened horsemanship through touch and Kim Cox Carneal

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