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Mindful Monday: So Many Days, I Feel Like Lisa

I guess it’s worth pointing out that life and spiritual seeking is a journey. You’re not there.

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Riding Without A Bridle @ Horse Hero with Sarah Fisher, TTEAM Instructor UK

I’m on my way to Santa Fe, NM to the TTouch CELLebration, so you will all have to suffer a little more TTouch than usual for the upcoming weeks. Here’s some good stuff.

Click here to visit the Horse Hero Site

You will have to log in to view Sarah Fisher’s video. It might be worth it to create an account, whether you intend to return or not. There is some pretty interesting stuff there. Most of the content, with the notable exception of Sarah Fisher, is very traditional. The video format is really nice–you get access to major movers and shakers in a very intimate way.

Here’s the blurb about Sarah’s video:

Behaviourist Sarah Fisher, demonstrates the art of riding without a bridle using the veteran mare Sage and her owner Corine. Starting with both a bridle and a neck ring (plus the ‘wand’), Sarah ensures Corine has brakes and horse and rider are feeling safe and secure. When the bridle comes off Corine demonstrates all paces and jumps! The mare moves freely and enjoys herself. Sarah says riding without a bridle is addictive. It’s useful for older horses, horses that fall out through the shoulder, tilt their head or are jammed at the poll. Riders improve their posture, balance and confidence. Sarah gets Horse Hero’s Fiona Price to join in the fun too!

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In Democratic Nations, Freedom of Religion is Not Always Guaranteed

In Democratic Nations, Freedom of Religion is Not Always Guaranteed

What does this post have to do with horsemanship? Absolutely nothing. Not interested in international politics and religion? Click away now.

We know that freedom of religion is not a guaranteed right from the history of the United States. We were founded on the basis of the guarantee of freedom of religion, but still the melding of church and state is sometimes sneaky and insidious. It’s more overt in Viet Nam.

This is a very interesting book, for non-Buddhists, too

This is a very interesting book, for non-Buddhists, too

Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese monk who promotes engaged Buddhism, has begun a desperate, last minute petition to save Bat Nha monastery in Viet Nam. His goal is 10,000 signatures for presentation to the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee. I’m not sure how the committee might help, but it’s a start.


I you feel strongly about freedom of religion in the world and the right of monks to live in peace to preserve tradition and this peaceful religious sect which serves the needs of people around the world through service, please consider signing the petition.

If you do, please comment here. Come to think of it, let me know your feelings about this kind of post here. As this blog grows, it seems to be taking on a slightly different form from time to time. If you find this divergence is capturing your attention in either a positive or negative way, I’d like to know about it. 

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Bridleless Riding Video: Age-Old Tool Used With Success By Young Rider

In an earlier post, I wrote about the Tellington TTouch Liberty Neck Ring. Readers responded with stories about their experiences using similar tools, and I learned that there is along history of riders using ropes in this way.


What’s cool about this video is that it shows Sallie, a young teenage girl I met in Middleburg, Va., several years ago when she was eleven years old. She’s now riding beautifully, as you can see. As a developing rider, she’s using this age-old tool for the first time. You can see that it provides her and her horse with freedom, softness, and greater communication. You can also see the beautiful horse country of Middleburg, Va. in the background!

It felt like he was taking care of me and we were trusting each other more

[Jan 14 2010: Sorry folks, I had to remove the video from YouTube because it had music in the background playing on someone’s car radio. We don’t of course, own the copyrights to that music.]

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The Inimitable Eddie Izzard’s Take on Horseback Riding

I particularly like the horse whispering part, and the one where the children come with their own straps.

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Wordless Wednesday Part II


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